There are lots of carbon footprint calculators out there, we've got a simple one here which uses your monthly spending as the key indicator of emissions and then adds lifestyle choices around travel and diet. If you're curious, we have a resource below to check out a variety of other calculators we think are informative.
*The price of carbon offsets is currently TOO LOW to seriously dissuade people from causing emissions. A Meaningful Price means a cost per tonne of CO₂ equivalent that is estimated by economists to cause real incentive for businesses and individuals to reduce carbon intensity enough to meet global targets of GHG reduction. While there is debate on what exactly this price might be, the Climate Leadership Council proposes a fee of $40 per tonne on all carbon consumption in the United States, increasing annually by 5%; Switzerland has been implementing such a CO₂ tax which is now charged at CHF96 per tonne ($99) for many types of GHG emitting substances; many other countries are at various stages of developing a carbon tax. For this calculator we set the Meaningful Price at $99 (£80.76) in line with Switzerland as the most established carbon tax so far.

calculator resources

Our calculator is designed to be simple but tailored to frequent travellers and above average carbon emitters.
We've hunted down a range of other carbon calculators that we like for you to explore and estimate your footprint in more detail.
World Wildlife Fund
  • Asks lifestyle questions rather than strictly quantifying everything
  • Great analysis and feedback
  • Aimed at UK Residents
  • Good for all locations
  • Useful for comparing with other countries
  • Limited questions on goods and services
CoolClimate Network
  • Great graphs
  • Excellent detail on food services & leisure
  • Includes costs of car and home construction
  • Practical suggestions for ways to reduce your footprint
  • Targets US residents
  • Intuitive interface with a 'deep dive' function
  • Excellent interactive graphics
  • Feedback on ways to make changes
  • Targets Nordic residents
  • Good for any global location
  • Comprehensive coverage of key issues
  • Lots of detail on transport
  • Comparative analysis for your country.

Calculating flights

International Civil Aviation Org
  • The official UN CO₂ calculator, used widely
  • Covers aircraft type, airport codes, two classes, multiple leg journeys
  • Methodology described
  • Does not cover non-CO₂ emissions
  • Comprehensive coverage includes non-CO₂ emissions
  • Shows emissions by airline and plane type for route
  • Options for 4 classes of travel and charter
  • Methodology available
  • Feeling guilty about that private jet?