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Chyulu Hills REDD+

Why this Project?

The Chyulu Hills sit close to Kenya’s southern border with Tanzania nestled in front of Mount Kilimanjaro,which towers over this iconic African landscape. The hills themselves, like the great mountain, are the result of the violent volcanic history of this region. They gently rise nearly 4000 ft above the surrounding dry plains and savannah, just high enough to capture the clouds and provide conditions for the growth of a lush tropical montane cloud forest along its ridge tops. The landscape forms a critical “bridge”, linking together two of Kenya’s most important wildlife areas, the greater Tsavo Ecosystem and Amboseli Ecosystem. This area is home to Kenya’s largest surviving population of elephants and one of its foremost large-scale wildlife and wilderness areas.

The Chyulu Hills REDD+ Project aims to protect the Chyulu Hills landscape, its forests, woodlands, savannahs, wetlands and springs, and its wild populations of Africa’s best known animals – lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, rhinos, elephants, and various antelopes.

Social and Sustainability Benefits
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Chyulu Hills Conservation Trust